Mid Town Klick / More Than Krazy

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Mid Town Klick / More Than Krazy

Message par Salez. le Mer 19 Mar 2014 - 8:55

Micklo a écrit:

Out of appreciation for an outstanding faction that's soon tag bangers to gang members that they need more attention for the role play they provide in the server. In the skins I had sampled one of Joey Cortez's heads from the V8 Locotes Modpack, and Rockstar pedestrians which were messed around with. I also recommend using Spark IMG/ or the IMG Tool which is the best way to install this modpack and you do have to rename the skins to whatever you choose.
Skin "1st" is the Defson t-shirt mod. Skin "2nd_skin" is the guy with the Tar Heels logo on his dome. Skin "3rd" is the guy with the blue hat. Skin "4th" is the one with the plaid shirt open. I do also want to mention the skins have bugs, but they're only meant to be role played with which is why I hadn't bothered with too many fixes.

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